Born in 1956 in Tehran, he has got his diploma from Dr.Zoghi high school. He was engaged in car manufacturing industry till the Iranian revolution in 1979 and had experienced different levels of management.

He got his bachelors degree in 1989 from Tehran university, and got his masters at Industrial Management major in 1994 from the same university. Because of his great eagerness for research in Industrial Development, he succeeded to get his second masters degree in 1998 by researching in the subject of comparisons between Iran and Japans Industrial Development.

To continue studies and researches in Development and Management, Dr.Houshmandyar went to England, and he succeeded to get Mphil degree in Development major from Bradford University in 2001, then he got his Ph.D. in Management Development from Dundee University of Scotland. In his Ph.D. thesis he has challenged problems of Iran's Car Manufacturing Industry with a new approach by using the latest techniques and management theories. Dr. Nader Houshmandyar has presented his research results in many of the Management conferences in Europe, USA and Japan.

Brief Resume :

  • Specialist in Economic and Political Issues of Middle East.
  • M.A. Political Science.
  • M.A. Industrial Management.
  • M.Phil Political and Economic Development, Bradford University (UK).
  • Ph.D. Management Development, Dundee University (UK).
  • Assistant Professor, Iranian Studies at Allame Tabatabaei University of Iran.
  • Iranian as well as the Middle East region industrial planning and development.
  • Cooperative Economical Development in Iran particularly in the Car Manufacturing Industry and studies in Advancing Managerial Expertise in the Car Industry in Iran.
  • Managing Director of the Public Transport Cooperative Company of Iran.
  • Writing frequently the Iranian Media on Iran as well as the Region Socio-Political as well as Economic Development.